Virtually Real: ntvty vi

ntvty scn. Paul Wolfe. 2015.

Every year the cats at xhurch, a performance collective/possible UFO cult in NE Portland, reinvent imagery from the Christmas nativity scene, freeing it from it’s traditional plastic form and engaging it as a human ritual of stillness and contemplation.  Ambient music resonates through the former church inviting meditation, if not dance.

On top of the human experience, ntvty vi featured a retrospective of installations i – v by way of 3-D graphics.  If you’re in the tech scene, you’ve probably experienced VR at one vanguard party or another, but I, being a common slob, experienced it for the first time here and it absolutely blew my mind.  I can see why Leary and McKenna were so keen on this back as the technology started to develop; it dissolves the authority of consciousness just like a hallucinogen and forces a complete contextual reevaluation.  And it’s beautiful.  The fact that you can attend a by donation art event and experience this, is truly futuristic.

xchurcj_virtual reality girl 2

I tried to make the above image look like the 3-D version of xhurch featured in the program.  There’s some hints of the experience, but ultimately it doesn’t surround you.  Still, hanging out here in all dimensions was the absolute best way to spend Xmas eve.  It’s a full experience, weird yet safe, that serves as a reminder that the future could be awesome if we make it.

Thanks, X.


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